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Roncal Designation of Origin Cheese

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Roncal Designation of Origin Cheese

Known as the 'son of the Pyrenees', is made in the north-eastern part of the mountains of Navarre, in the seven municipalities that make up the Roncal Valley (Uztárroz, Isaba, Urzainqui, Garde, Vidángoz, Burgui and Roncal).

The cheese-making season runs from December to July, which is the lambing season. It is an artisan cheese made from the raw milk of Rasa and Latxa sheep, rennet and salt. It has a cylindrical shape, raw edges and a hard, thick natural rind that can range in colour from reddish brown to bluish grey.

Its unusual flavour is robust, well defined and very buttery with a slightly piquant touch. Although there are recipes that feature Roncal cheese, the best way of tasting it is just as it is, accompanied by a good wine.

One suggestion for cheese-lovers is to visit Roncal during the festivals in honour of the Virgin Mary in August to enjoy the exhibition/fair of Roncal cheeses. You can also visit the Cheese Museum in Uztárroz and learn all about the cheese-making process there.

Did you know that...?

this cheese was the first to achieve its own Designation of Origin in Spain.


It is eaten as an aperitif, 'tapa' or dessert, and alwayss accompanied by a good wine.

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