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Museo Etnográfico del Reino de Pamplona

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Museo Etnográfico del Reino de Pamplona
Museo Etnográfico del Reino de Pamplona
Museo Etnográfico del Reino de Pamplona


It is worth visiting the Ollo valley, located just a few kilometres from Pamplona, just to enjoy its beautiful and peaceful scenery. Moreover, the small village of Arteta is home to this interesting and colourful Ethnographic Museum that is located in casa Fanticorena, a 17th-century building In the traditional style of the popular architecture of the valley.

The Ethnographic Museum at Arteta exhibits items from the historical territory of Navarra from the mediaeval era to the appearance of automated machines in the 1930s and 1940s. The visitor can get a good feel of everyday people's knowledge in the region's past.

Its rich thematic collections include numerous tools for forging, woodwork and earthenware, and also sewing machines, farming implements and toys, or a selection of coins from the old Kingdom of Navarra, among other things. This gives us an idea of the professions, games, clothing and other aspects of traditional life. The museum also contains some items belonging to its founder and present director, the sculptor José Ulibarrena Arellano.



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