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Club de Golf Ulzama

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Club de Golf Ulzama - Ultzama Golf Course
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Ultzama Golf Course
Would you like to enjoy some idyllic scenery without missing out on practising your favourite sport, or taking a swing in the midst of a thousand-year-old wood? If golf is one of your favourite pastimes and you would like to discover all the tourist attractions of north-western Navarre from a different perspective, come to the golf club in the valley of Ultzama. You'll be able to put your skills to the test on the 18-hole course which is framed by hundred-year-old oak trees. From here you can also make trips to the nearby Orgi oak grove or the picturesque villages dotting the valley.

The Ultzama Golf Club lies 24 kilometres from Pamplona in north-western Navarre. The region features an undulating landscape of green meadows and hundred-year-old woods; an idyllic setting in which to play golf in close contact with nature.

The idea of creating a golf club in the Ultzama valley originated in 1963 and was established in an oak wood on land belonging to the municipalities of Guerendiain and Eltso. The project was supported by various families, who leased their land to the valley for a period of 100 years. The clubhouse is regarded as one of the most attractive in Spain.

There are some amusing anecdotes from that early period. Although electric carts and buggies are used nowadays, in the early years the members used to request the services of caddies. The boys from the villages near the club were responsible for carrying their bags and used to charge between 4 and 25 of the old pesetas for the service.

In its 40 years of history, the Ultzama Golf Club has hosted major national and international events, one of the most notable being the Women's European Golf Championship in 2004, which ended with the triumph of the young Navarrese golfer Carlota Ciganda.

The course
The initial layout of the course, opened in 1965, was designed by the architect Javier Arana, the most acclaimed golf course designer in Spain at that time. Subsequently, another nine holes were added to complete the 18 of the present course.

The main characteristic of the course is the constant presence of oak trees that put golfers' accuracy to the test. The first nine holes are more technical and you need to stick to the fairways to get good results. The other nine holes have wider fairways which makes it easier for powerful swingers. Although the course is not particularly difficult, you need to pay attention at Hole 4, as there is a lake there that needs all your skills to avoid.

Four kilometres from the Ultzama Golf Club, in Lizaso, there is a Pitch and Putt course with holes of between 40 and 120 metres, all of which are par 3.

The Ultzama Valley
The privileged surroundings of the Ultzama valley will enable you to discover some sights of great interest such as the Orgi Forest, an oak grove more than 4,000 years old which is home to more than 50 different species of trees, plants and shrubs and 40 species of birds. You can also enjoy the lovely villages in this region such as Zenotz and Eltso-Guerendiain with their houses bearing coats of arms, or the wonderful composition made up of the houses aligning both sides of the stream in Auza. And don't forget to sample the outstanding regional cuisine, which is notable for its meat dishes, wild mushrooms and junket.



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