Alloz Reservoir - Alloz
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Alloz Reservoir

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Alloz Reservoir - Alloz reservoir
icono pie de fotoAlloz reservoir
Alloz Reservoir - Embalse de Alloz
icono pie de fotoEmbalse de Alloz
Alloz Reservoir - Embalse de Alloz
icono pie de fotoEmbalse de Alloz
Alloz Reservoir - Embalse de Alloz
icono pie de fotoEmbalse de Alloz
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Alloz reservoir
The Alloz reservoir is a 'sea' created by the river Salado that is surrounded by kermes oak groves, pastures, scrubland and pine trees. It is an ideal place to visit at any time of the year, but especially in summer. Swimming in its cool bluish waters, relaxing under one of its trees or feeling like Robinson Crusoe by rowing a boat across the reservoir are some of the activities to be enjoyed in this natural enclave.

Twelve kilometres to the north-east of Estella-Lizarra, between the towns of Yerri and Guesálaz, lies the Alloz reservoir, a body of water fed by the river Salado and surrounded by Portuguese oaks, pasturelands, thickets and pines.

Built in 1930, it covers an area of 930 hectares and can hold 84 Hm3 of water. This scenario of turquoise blue water is chosen by visitors and residents for a range of activities that can be enjoyed on the reservoir and in its surroundings. Each season of the year shows the visitor a new side to the Alloz reservoir.

In spring and summer it becomes the ideal spot for learning to sail or windsurf receiving a "baptizm" or enjoying the sport if you are experienced, renting distintas embarcaciones, como piraguas, tablas de windsurf y pequeños barcos de vela. The Aritzaleku campsite in Lerate is the main place to carry out water-based and other activities.

Others common sports here are surfing and windsurf. The Alloz reservoir is ideal for surfing and windsurfing, as there are frequently force three or four winds. The spot is also popular for fishing enthusiasts who tend to go down to the tail end of the reservoir where they mainly catch trout, barbel and carp.

Another interesting option is trekking. For example, you can walk around the reservoir or You can also take a tour of the valleys of Yerri and Guesálaz, characterised by gentle hills and little villages dedicated to farming and livestock breeding. The autumn is the best time to visit these valleys, when the mature ferns and vineyards paint the landscape in infinite colors. Another option is to take the track to Iturgoyen and climb up to the chapel of the Holy Trinity from where there is a wonderful view.
Close by, on the road from Alloz to Lácar (well-known for its wineries) lies another of the jewels of the Yerri valley, Santa María de Eguiarte. This beautiful Romanesque church is shrouded in mystery, enigma, and magic...

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La entrada más accesible al pantano se realiza por Lerate, cuenta con parking (se paga tasa en temporada alta), servicios, zona de sombrillas, pasarela etc

El Embalse es uno de los 35 recursos seleccionados en la Ruta de los Paisajes de Navarra. Agua y Miradores.



la zona de aparcamiento cuenta con baño, duchas y merenderos.

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