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The 'Sendaviva' Nature Park

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The 'Sendaviva' Nature Park
The 'Sendaviva' Nature Park
The 'Sendaviva' Nature Park
The 'Sendaviva' Nature Park
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The Sendaviva Adventure and Amusement Park is located in Navarre's Ribera district, 80 kilometres south of Pamplona, close to the Bardenas Reales Nature Reserve, which was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Covering 120 hectares, Sendaviva is Spain's largest family amusement park.

In it you can enjoy more than thirty attractions designed for all ages, among them two tubings, one with surprising curves and the other, the longest straight-line tube in Europe; the Bobsleigh Track running for almost one kilometre, the Freefall, the Fórmula Viva, the Water Labyrinth and the Tyrolean Traverse, at 650 metres. The park also offers a Birds of Prey and a Circus show.

Your trip through the park is divided into four areas: "El Pueblo" (the village), "La Feria" (the fair), "El Bosque" (the forest) and "La Granja" (the farm). As soon as you enter the enclosure you will see "The Village", the starting point of the tour. Here you can enjoy one of the popular attractions of Sendaviva: the Haunted Mansion, a 'horror' house inhabited by some very 'untypical' characters... This is also where the "Tienda Viva" shop, the hostel, the oxen stable, the information point, the left-luggage office, the lockers and the pram and wheelchair rental facilities are located.

On the way to the second area you will see species such as the llama, latxa sheep (native to the north of Navarre), Pyrenean cows or horses from Burguete. In "La Feria", the children will have a wonderful time laughing at the tricks of the Capuchin monkeys or will be amazed by the majesty of the lions. In this corner of the park the whole family can enjoy a range of attractions such as the tiovivo (roundabout), the laughing mirrors, the water maze, foals, rowing boats or the air-conditioned circus. If you fancy a rest, well, have a good sandwich in "El Festín".

On the way to "El Bosque" you will see species such as ostriches, zebras or tigers. In this part of Senda Viva you can see wolves and bears from an overhead walkway. You can also see mountain goats, visit the children's' park, enjoy the "Caída Libre" (free fall) ride, eat on "El Balcón de la Bardena" (balcony overlooking Las Bardenas) and, of course, enjoy the harsh beauty of the Bardenas Natural Park from "El Mirador" (the viewpoint).

In the final zone, "La Granja" (the farm) contains a surprising exhibition of flying birds of prey, one of the most outstanding in Europe, and a mini-farm, an aviary covering 1100 square metres that allows visitors to have direct contact with birds such as magpies. Then there 'flying chairs' and the self-service restaurant "La Recolecta".
In a constant search for innovation, 2013 sees the opening of the Explore 3D attraction, where you can learn interesting facts about nature that have never been seen before in 3D cinemas.
The great animal family of Sendaviva continues to grow, with more than 800 animals of 200 species: lions, otters, brown bears, wallabies… have been joined by a pair of tigers (white and golden).The park also continues to participate in conservation programmes of species from Navarre that are threatened by extinction such as the Burguete horse, Betizu breed cows (the last wild cows in the Pyrenees) or the jaca navarra (Navarre mare).

Did you know that...?

El parque cuenta con el certificado de Excelencia de Tripadvisor 2016.

En los 7 puntos de restauración del parque encontrarás menús sin gluten y aptos para alérgicos.


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