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Muñoz Sola Modern Museum

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Muñoz Sola Modern Museum
Muñoz Sola Modern Museum


If you are an art lover, especially of painting from the second half of the 19th century, do not miss the "Muñoz Sola" Museum of Modern Art in Tudela.

It contains an interesting collection, headed by the local painter César Muñoz Sola, a famous portrait painter who also developed other genres such as landscape and still life. His exquisite technique is linked to the breakaway modernity of Realism and the French Impressionists.

The museum also has a collection of paintings, most of them French from the second half of the 19th century, that Muñoz accumulated throughout his life; these are the main content of the museum.

The "Muñoz Sola" Museum of Modern Art is located in the heart of monumental Tudela, the largest city in La Ribera (the south) of Navarre. In the Plaza Vieja, next to the cathedral and the Dean's palace, stands an interesting building that was a residence of nobles in the past.

The House-Palace of the Beráiz family
The building that houses the museum has been completely renovated for this purpose. It was originally the residencia of the Beráiz family, noblemen from Tudela who held a number of posts in the Court of the Kingdom of Navarre and in the Merindad (an administrative division similar to a county) of Tudela. At the end of the 15th century, the area around the cathedral became the preferred place of residence of the nobility, and the Beráiz family moved here, into the heart of the Old Part of the city.

Following the fashion of the time, they took advantage of a number of narrow and uncomfortable mediaeval houses in the area to convert them into a palace with spacious rooms. Only the coat of arms of the Beráiz family remains of the original Gothic construction; it stands symbolically on the façade of the building. The building was completely renovated during the Baroque era.

The paintings in the museum
Leaving the history of the house aside, the museum houses an interesting collection of paintings that can be divided into two differentiated parts: the works of the artist from Tudela, César Muñoz Sola, and a compilation of 19th-century French paintings that he accumulated throughout his life.

César Muñoz Sola (1921-2000) stands out for his technique, his mastery of the use of colour, and for representing reality in a faithful manner. He distances himselffrom the avant-garde movements of the 20th century and is closer to Realism and the French Impressionists.

His extensive collection reflects his personal tastes: the figurative nature and the formally breakaway and 'modern' aesthetics of the 19th century, with connections to the movements that mainly characteristed French painting: Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism and Post-impressionism.

Among the most outstanding works are the rural landscapes of Cahours, Foubert, L'Hermite or Montagne, the urban scenes of Wittmann, the marine landscapes of Lecompte and Maillard or Adler's canvas 'Men in a café', which, thanks to its technique and composition, is close to the style of Cézanne.

Take advantage of the museum's location to take a walk through the Old Part of Tudela and discover the history of a city where Muslims, Jews and Christians lived together for over 400 years. And do not leave Tudela without trying the delicious dishes based on the market gardens along the river Ebro.


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