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Pilgrim's Way to Santiago

Photo gallery

Pamplona - Castle square
Castle square
Pamplona - University of Navarra
University of Navarra
Pamplona - Magdalena bridge
Magdalena bridge
Pamplona - City Walls' surroundings
City Walls' surroundings
Pamplona - Baluarte
Pamplona - City Hall
City Hall
Pamplona - Archivo real
Archivo real
Pamplona - Cloister of cathedral
Cloister of cathedral
Pamplona - Portal of Francia
Portal of Francia
Pamplona - City Hall square
City Hall square
Pamplona - Caidos
Pamplona - Cathedral Façade
Cathedral Façade
Pamplona - Monumento al Encierro
Monumento al Encierro