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CERRADO TRAMO VENTAS DE IGANTZI - TÚNEL DE SUNBILLA POR OBRAS (paseantes y bicis, del 26 al 31 de octubre; coches, hasta el 8 de noviembre)

This elegant settlement nestles in the valley of Malerreka, flanked by several mountains including Mendaur; in medieval times it was a merchant's village and still makes its living from commerce today.

The hamlet sprawls around the church of San Pedro. Renovated in Baroque style, with a distinguished interior, the parish church boasts a notable ashlar tower of medieval appearance which was part of the former Castle of the Count of Lerín.

Also, the 18th century Consistorial House evokes the austere buildings of Baztán valley palaces.

Doneztebe/Santesteban is known for its livestock fairs and also for its Corpus Christi festival when the village's flag is flown proudly in front of the Santísimo to the sounds of the txistu. You'll also have the chance to enjoy a game of guante here, a form of pelota played in an open square.

Did you know that...?

This section of the green route forms part of the "Ederbidea" project and of section number 1 of the Eurovelo, "Atlantic Coast Route", that starts in the North Cape of Norway and ends in southern Portugal.

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Path classification: Others

Type of route: Gravel, Others, Road

Form: Linear

Guided visit

Description: visitas guiadas a la localidad

Price of the visit: 5€

Service provider: Reservas: 652 162 103


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