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Day of Cider

Fiestas, traditions and events of interest / Gastronomic event, Thematic day


Day of Cider


The cider season ends in May, so the time comes when you need to start thinking of the next one. September is the month when the apples ripen and the cider-making process starts; it ends in January with the new season. This is why Lekunberri holds the Day of Cider at this time of year with a series of events, the main ones being an agrifood and handcrafts fair.
Different varieties of apple are on show, and you should not miss the cider tasting session and a demonstration of Kirikoketa, the traditional method of pressing apples. Now you know, get ready to hear the cry of the first cider pouring of the year: Txotx!


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Practical information

  • Locality LEKUNBERRI
  • Zone The Pyrenees
  • Type Gastronomic event, Thematic day
  • Date
    • 29/09/2019
      2020 pending confirmation.