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Lamb from Navarra

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Lamb from Navarra - Corderos en Urbasa
icono pie de fotoCorderos en Urbasa
Corderos en Urbasa
While all the sheep found the length and breadth of Navarre are suitable for lamb production, the breeds traditionally raised in this region are the Latxa and the Navarra. The former occupies the north-western corner of the Community while the latter is found everywhere else.

The "Specific Designation" covers both types of lamb. Although they graze all over the region, lamb from Cuenca enjoys the best reputation. Lamb from Navarre has a light to medium fat layer and is white or pale pink in colour. It is very tender and extremely juicy, with a smooth texture and characteristic flavour.

This product should also be extolled as the genuine star of local cuisine, providing the basis for mouth-watering dishes such as the calderete -a traditional dish served on festive occasions - as well as golden braised cutlets, roast lamb, lamb shank casserole and other traditional dishes that are given pride of place on Navarre's tables. See a typical dish with this product.

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The Protected Geographical Indication is the highest level of European recognition within the Designations of Quality Products.

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