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The living Vía Crucis

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The living Vía Crucis



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During the morning of Good Friday, the streets of Andosilla are the backdrop for this living representation in which around thirty local people participate. This performance was instigated by the parish priest Javier Leoz and more than a decade on is now fully established.
The act that narrates the Passion of Christ starts with the judgement of Pilate before the Hebrews, performed by the local youngsters.

Jesus Christ then takes on the heavy burden of the cross (weighing more than 100 kilos) and walks with slow, dragging steps towards the square where he will be crucified alongside the two thieves.

The crucifixion, which is performed with great realism, is undoubtedly the most moving moment of the performance. Thanks to the megaphone system installed on the streets, the dialogue of the actors who so passionately embody these biblical characters can be heard all over the town.

After this solemn ceremony, visitors can enjoy a typically Hebrew market of craft products organised by Napar Bideak.


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Practical information

  • Locality ANDOSILLA ( 31261 )
  • Zone The Ribera
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  • Type Easter ceremony, Religious festivity
  • Date
    • 10/04/2020
      2022 pending confirmation.