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Bird-watching in navarre

Navarre and its biodiversity

Birds of Navarra

Navarre is particularly rich in birdlife. In this small territory of just over 10,000 km2, more than 310 species have been recorded, 250 of which visit regularly and the rest occasionally.

This section offers a comprehensive, updated list of all the species of birds recorded. From the list, you can access the specific fact sheets on each bird featuring detailed information. You can download the full list (.pdf 1,20 Mb).

The present list is based on Estatus de la Avifauna Navarre (Status of Birds in Navarre) (Arratibel et al, 1999) with a set of updates which include new species and modify the status of certain species in Navarre. These modifications have been applied as a result of data collected by different means.

Taxonomical ordering and scientific names follow the recommendations of the Taxonomical Committee of the Association of European Records and Rarities Committees (AERC TAC, 2003), which are the latest update of Voous (1977).

The names of species are those used in Lista de las Aves de España (List of Birds in Spain)