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Mirua, Actividades de Naturaleza

Attached to the Birding club
Actividades deportivas y culturales

Located in the Pyrenees, MIRUA offers a mountain and nature guide service for hiking trails, nature routes, trekking, mountain climbing, snow-shoeing, potholing, caving, mountain biking and nature tourism.


  • Custom-made mini-training sessions (All areas)
  • Montañismo (The Pyrenees)
  • Routes through Navarre (All areas)
  • Snowshoe (The Pyrenees)
  • Trekking (All areas)
  • Visits to natural heritage sites (All areas)


Visita guiada por el interior de la foz de Lumbier, precio para grupos máximos de 25 personas: 96,30€ (duración: 2 horas aprox). Ruta de las foces: incluye Lumbier y Arbayún. Precio para grupos máximos de 15 personas: 133,75€ (duración: de 3 a 4 horas aprox).

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