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Due to the measures gradually being taken to manage the coronavirus, many events and scheduled activities are undergoing modification or cancellation. We therefore recommend that you reconfirm the contents published on this website.
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BKZ Navarra Aventura



BKZ Navarra Aventura


CORONAVIRUS: La información de este portal que contiene fechas y horarios ha sufrido cambios. Se aconseja reconfirmar cualquier información con los gestores.

From Narbarte, BKZ organises all kinds of nature-based sports in line with the required level of difficulty. Activities are led by highly experienced professionals and take place in the north of Navarre: descending the upper Bidasoa in canoes, rafting, hydrospeed, canyoning, bungee jumping (40 and 60 metre drops). There is also an introductory programme for families.

Did you know that...?

Esta empresa gestiona 2 parques de aventura:

Consulta aquí toda la información sobre las actividades que ofrecen en cada parque y las tarifas.


  • Arborismo (The Pyrenees)
  • Canoeing / Kayak (The Pyrenees)
  • Cañón aquapark natural (The Pyrenees)
  • Canoraft (The Pyrenees)
  • Canyoning (The Pyrenees)
  • Climbing (The Pyrenees)
  • Hidrospeed (The Pyrenees)
  • Paintball (The Pyrenees)
  • Rafting (The Pyrenees)
  • Salto del péndulo (The Pyrenees)
  • Tirolinas (The Pyrenees)
  • Vía ferrata (The Pyrenees)


imprescindible reservar con antelación. En invierno no se realizarán actividades acuáticas.

Opening hours, dates and guide prices. We recommend you confirm with the entity in question.

Practical information

  • Locality NARBARTE
  • Zone The Pyrenees
  • Address Caserío Casa Tellería
  • Website
  • Tel. 948592322 - 646755760
  • Fax 948592102
  • E-mail bkz@navarraaventura.com
  • Código de inscripción UETA0002