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Urban Waste Treatment Centre at Góngora

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Urban Waste Treatment Centre at Góngora


Once we have put our rubbish/garbage in the corresponding container it is transported to the Urban Waste Treatment Centre at Góngora, a few miles south-east of Pamplona, which consists of two differentiated treatment areas: a recycling plant and a controlled landfill.

Recycling plant: it receives products that can be recycled, which are classified into groups: paper and cardboard, glass, plastic, metal and Tetrabrik packaging. Once sorted, the products are recycled in specialised companies that re-process them to create new articles.

Controlled landfill: divided into cells, where non-recyclable waste from green containers is placed. This waste is buried periodically to facilitate the anaerobic fermentation of the organic material. Each cell has its own drainage system to send leachates to the network of tanks that is connected to the waste water treatment plant at Arazuri and radial module to absorb the gases generated in the fermentation process. A centralised extraction and piping system means that the gas can be used to generate energy, and also eliminating possible impacts in the form of bad smells or fires.



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Practical information

  • Locality GÓNGORA
  • Zone The Pamplona Basin
  • Address Carretera Tajonar km 8,5
  • Website
  • Tel. 948423242
  • Fax 948423230