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In northwest Navarre, at a point where the Leitzaran valley widens, crossed by the Plazaola Greenwayand surrounded by mountains, the town of Leitza spreads out, made up of neighbourhoods that include a number of farmhouses. Green meadows abound in the area where sheep and cows graze, together with carefully-tended market gardens, fast-flowing rivers or dense forests. The result is a beautiful canvas that sums up the idiosyncrasy of this valley dominated by an Atlantic climate.

Towering over the pretty old quarter, and visible from several points in the town, is the church of San Miguel. Its striking bell tower, the neoclassical porch and its blue-grey stone are part of the daily landscape of Leitza. Its streets are lined with large houses with gable roofs, wooden balconies and large eaves. Then there are houses with wooden structures and other noble buildings. One of these is the Town Hall. Its front is of blue-grey stone with a porch, balcony and Rococo coat of arms.

Leitza also stands out as home to well-known sportsmen like the pelota players Abel Barriola and Oinatz Bengoetxea and for its long tradition of rural sports. These are a tribute to the daily life of the past and the hard work done in the fields. Figures such as Iñaki Perurena or Mikel Saralegui -both from Leitza- are often quoted when talking about harrijasotzailes (stone lifters). Indeed, Iñaki Perurena has created a museum dedicated to the world of stone, Peru-Harri.

Other delights the visitor can enjoy include...

  • Tasting the gastronomy of the area, with culinary delights such as txistorra (spicy sausage) or charcoal-grilled meat.

  • Walks to discover delightful spots like Leitzalarrea. A gothic forest of old trees 13 kilometres from the town, where it is easy to evoke the shadow of witches or mythological lamias among the spectacular fir trees in Izaieta.

  • Did you know that...?

    Leitza ha sido uno de los escenarios de la película "Ocho apellidos vascos", dirigida por Emilio Martínez-Lázaro y protagonizada por actores de primera fila como Dani Rovira, Clara Lago, Karra Elejalde y Carmen Machi. Premiada con 3 Goyas en 2015, fue la película más taquillera de 2014 y hasta esa fecha la más vista en la historia de España.



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