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Artichokes with clams

Traditional menu


Artichokes with clams - Alcachofas con almejas
icono pie de fotoAlcachofas con almejas
Alcachofas con almejas
This delicious dish features one of the star products of Navarrese vegetable gardens, the artichoke. It was invented as a suitable meal for Lent Friday, to replace the forbidden ham with the more devout clam. Both ingredients are sautéed with garlic to create a succulent offering found in most restaurant menus in Navarre.

  • 2 docenas de alcachofas
  • 2 de almejas
  • 2 dientes de ajo
  • 1 decalitro de aceite de oliva
  • un poco de harina
  • sal

After cleaning the artichokes, boil water in a saucepan with salt.

When the water starts to boil put the artichokes in the saucepan. If they are very tender they will cook in around 15 minutes. When ready, dry them and cut them in two.

Put the oil in a saucepan with some very finally chopped garlic.

Add the flour and clams, stirring with a spatula for half a minute until the flour takes on a bit of colour.

Add some of the water from cooking the asparagus and wait until the clams open. Once open, add the artichokes and boil the mixture for a short while.

The sauce should be thick, but not too much.

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