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Due to the measures gradually being taken to manage the coronavirus, many events and scheduled activities are undergoing modification or cancellation. We therefore recommend that you reconfirm the contents published on this website.


Compatibility with standards

This website has been designed and programmed following WAI guidelines (Web Accessibility Initiative, www.w3.org/wai), which marks international standards in the creation of website content that is accessible to everyone.
  • XHTML 1.0
  • CSS
  • WAI-AA

Guidelines to be followed

Several measures have been adopted to make the website more accessible, such as:
  • Simplified browsing system, drop-down menus are not used
  • Descriptive text of images
  • Keyboard access to the main options

Below we list the main shortcuts (hot keys) available on the website:

  • 1: Go the Home page of the website
  • 2: Skip intro and go to content
  • 3: Go to the section Why Navarre?
  • 4: Go to the section Our suggestions
  • 5: Go to the section Organise your trip
  • 6: Go to the section Agenda
  • 7: Go to the section Your travel file
  • 8: Go to the section Multimedia
  • 9: Go to the section Newsletter
  • 0: Go to the section Contact information
  • m: Go to the section Website map
  • e: Go to the section Links
  • c: Go to the section Credits
  • o: Go to the section Copyright
  • l: Go to the section Legal notice
  • a: Go to the section Accessibility

The way the hot keys are activated depends on the browser. The most common are:

  • Internet Explorer: ALT + letter+ ENTER
  • Netscape: ALT + letter
  • Mozilla: ALT + letter
  • Opera: CAPS+ ESC + letter


Most of the links whose text does not describe the destination in detail have a title with a clarification.

Wherever possible, the links are written in such a way that they make sense out of context. Some browsers (such as JAWS, Home Page Reader, Lynx, and Opera) can extract the list of links of the current page and allow the user to navigate using this list. As a result, the links are not duplicated. If they are, it is because they lead to the same contents.

There are no Javascript pseudo-links: All the links can be followed on any browser, even if Javascript is disabled.