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Why Navarre

Reasons for discovering Navarre

Lasting traditions

Navarre is a land rich in history and legends, ancestral traditions and folk celebrations which are held with gusto. In Navarre, we are loyal to what we were and to what we are now.

Our carnivals are culturally diverse. The great Javierada pilgrimage is held in March, and the arrival of spring brings hordes of religious pilgrims. The Semana Santa (Holy Week) is celebrated with particular fervour in Corella, Tudela and Pamplona. The Day of the River Raft is held at the beginning of May. When summer has arrived, and whilst rockets are being fired in Pamplona to mark the opening of the famous festival of San Fermín, the peoples of the Pyrenees recall witches’ covens and medieval treaties, perform ancestral dances and take part in rural sports. In the uplands and la Ribera (the Shore), filled with the sounds of the traditional jota dance, fighting bulls are set loose and a multitude of lively local holidays are celebrated.

Autumn brings transhumant flocks of sheep from Roncal to the Bardenas, and the atmosphere in Etxalar fills with expectation when the pigeon hunting season commences. And in winter, the Three Wise Men and the affable Olentzero come loaded with gifts for the local children. It’s a great way to see out the year.

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