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Why Navarre

Reasons for discovering Navarre

Local produce

The visitor to Navarre can experience the taste of times gone by. This is a land which has preserved a traditional culinary repertoire stocked by the produce yielded by the diverse Navarran landscape, and which turns food into a social event. But the region’s cuisine has also evolved and been rejuvenated, and is the benchmark for the gourmet who doesn’t want to miss out on creations from our best chefs.

What does our larder have to offer? Excellent vegetables from la Ribera such as cardoon, artichoke, fresh white beans, asparagus and piquillo peppers, as well as foie gras, mushrooms and flavoursome meats which have an unbeatable accompaniment - the red, rosé and white wines with DO Navarre and Rioja. And let’s not forget the desserts - cheese, curd, rolled wafer sticks and leche frita (a fried mixture of flour, milk and sugar), rounded off with the typical local digestif called pacharán.

Then there’s the pinchos... The Old Quarter of Pamplona is a particularly good place for sampling this exquisite miniature cuisine which is an old custom to be enjoyed just before sitting down to a proper meal. Most bars have a diverse selection of expertly prepared dishes, and along with traditional tapas offer sophisticated pinchos based on local produce. Pincho Week is a great time to visit Navarre. This festival is held in various venues across the region during March and April and is a chance to sample the most innovative examples of these imaginative and innovative hand-made creations.


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