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Why Navarre

Reasons for discovering Navarre

Gateway to the Camino de Santiago

Navarre is the gateway to the Camino de Santiago on the peninsula. Two great routes cross this land: one starting in the Pyrenees passing through the legendary Roncesvalles, and another starting in Aragón and crossing Sangüesa. The pilgrim has 200 kilometres along which to enjoy a prolific artistic legacy as well as the natural, cultural and culinary diversity to be found along this stretch of the Camino Francés, the trail developed in the 11th century by the Navarran king Sancho III the Great as the official route.

The Camino can be traversed by car, on foot, on a bike or on horseback. You will become immersed on this journey like no other and be nourished by the cultural exchange that takes place along a route which nowadays continues to be a meeting point for walkers motivated by religion, culture or sport. Whatever the reason for making the pilgrimage, it is an unforgettable personal experience.

The birth and heyday of the Camino was during the Middle Ages but it is now more alive than ever.

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