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Outdoor sports

When weather conditions are favourable and it is safe to pursue such activities, it is not hard to spot devotees of these aerial sports taking full advantage of the opportunity and flecking the sky over Navarre with a multitude of colours. If you want to enjoy the diversity of Navarre from a bird's eye view, and with a touch of adventure, this may be a good choice.

Paragliding and Hang-gliding

There are recommended paragliding and hang-gliding flights for experienced pilots but it is also possible to go on short initiation courses. Alternatively, if you simply want to feel the buzz of emotion, take a tandem flight with an expert.

Although there are jumping-off points in the north of Navarre, the most frequented places are concentrated in the central zone. Among others, we would highlight:

  • Belagua Valley : located in the extreme northwest of Navarre, high up in the Pyrenees

  • Aralar mountain range

  • Leire mountain range: its highest peak, Arangoiti, is the best point for flying in the western Pyrenees, which is why many competitions take place there. An attractive bonus is that this area is often shared with a colony of vultures that lives there. The flight starts on the southern slope and is a typical thermal flight in summer, although it is a dangerous place when the north wind is blowing strongly.


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In order to take part, it is advisable to be a member of the Federation and to have the relevant sports licence or pilot qualification. For short courses and tandem flights, information on the necessary equipment and conditions can be found in the schools and clubs.


Navarre Federation of Aerial Sports
C/ Paulino Caballero nº 13 3rd floor
Casa del Deporte 31002 Pamplona
Tel.: +34 948 22 13 23 / Fax: +34 848 42 78 35


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As its name suggests, the microlight is a very light aircraft, monoplane or biplane, low in power consumption and slow. A specific licence is required to fly one, for which courses are available at various flying schools.

However, if your interest is not at the professional level, you can use this attractive means of transport to enjoy the pleasure of flying in its most natural form. A thrilling experience will let you gaze down on the most natural landscapes of the Pyrenees in Navarre, wilderness areas such as that of Bardenas Reales and castles, monasteries and mediaeval villages, whilst observing at first-hand the majestic flight of vultures.

There are various options and you can choose between "trials", which last about 15 minutes, or flights of a longer duration. Although the itinerary is usually in the neighbourhood of the flying centres, it is possible to pick and choose flights in your preferred area.

Surprise yourself or someone else with an incomparable experience.

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