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Mountain Walking

Mountain walking has been and continues to be a traditional sport in Navarre and the northern half of the region is an ideal place for all those who love trekking. The Pyrenees slope gently from east to west, with the Mesa de los Tres Reyes (almost 2,500 metres high) giving way to the lower peaks that come into view as we approach the Atlantic Ocean.

Ascending any of the peaks in Navarre lets us enjoy a l andscape that is always green and spectacular views for those who want to go right to the top; it is a good way to see Navarre from the air whilst still keeping one's feet on the ground. Nor is it a luxury reserved for just a few, because there are many possible ascents , mainly of average difficulty, which allow any visitor who is fairly physically fit to practise this sport.

The outstanding mountain destinations are the Sierras (mountain ranges) of Aralar and Urbasa , situated in the west of the region and, of course, the whole Pyrenean mountain range .

Some of the most popular ascents in Navarre are the following:

Mountain Starting point Time of ascent Height of ascent
Mesa de los Tres Reyes (2,444 metres) Car park at Mata de la Haya, on the 1370 road, before starting the ascent to the Belagua Pass 4.45 hours 1,444 metres
Orhi (2,019 metres) Form the Orhi Tunnel, on the 2011 road linking Ochagavía and Larrau 1 hour 450 metres
Urkulu (1,419 metres) From the Ibañeta Pass, after going through Orreaga/Roncesvalles on the N-135 road 2.2 hours 362 metres
Adi (1,459 metres) From the top of the Urkiaga Pass, on the N-138 from Eugui to Quinto Real. 1.15 hours 550 metres
Saioa (1,418 metres) From Venta Quemada, on the Belate Pass 2.1 hours 570 metres
Mendaur (1,131 metres) From Aurtitz, on the NA-170 from Santesteban to Leiza. 2.3 hours 960 metres
Beriain (1,494 metres) Leaving the N-240 at Arbizu, take the NA-7100 and then the NA-702, starting at the top end of Unanua. 2 hours 844 metres
Irumugarrieta (1,430 metres) Aralar Forest House (Guardetxe), reached by the NA-7510, which leads up to the Sanctuary of San Miguel de Aralar, starting at Lekunberri. 2 hours 395 metres
Ioar (1,414 metres) From the Sanctuary of Codés, reached by the A-12 highway from Pamplona to Logroño, turning off at Los Arcos on the N-111 towards Torres del Río and the NA-7202 towards Codés 1.15 hours 600 metres
Mountain Difficulty Point to note
Mesa de los Tres Reyes (2,444 metres) Average, but hard going, due to the length of the itinerary, height of ascent and characteristics of the karstic (limestone) terrain. High up in the Pyrenees, it is the highest peak of Navarre and owes its name to the fact that three ancient kingdoms meet at this point: Aragon, Béarn and Navarre.
Orhi (2,019 metres) Average It the first 2,000-metre summit of the Pyrenees, and the highest point of the Irati Forest. The views are a colourful spectacle at any time of year.
Urkulu (1,419 metres) Average It can be easily distinguished by the circular Roman tower on its summit, a statement of its domination of the Trans-Pyrenean roads and the Pilgrim’s Way leading to Roncesvalles.
Adi (1,459 metres) Average Both situated on the rock massif of Quinto Real, where there is an abundance of beech trees and superb views of the Pyrenees, including the mountains around the Pamplona basin.
Saioa (1,418 metres) Average
Mendaur (1,131 metres) Average Perfect vantage point from which to look out over the whole Bidasoa Valley, easily recognisable by the chapel on its summit.
Beriain (1,494 metres) Average Located in the Urbasa-Andía Natural Park, with magnificent views over Aralar. It is known as San Donato from the chapel on its summit, the highest in Navarre.
Irumugarrieta (1,430 metres) Average The route takes us across the Sierra de Aralar, with its beautiful beech trees, megalithic remains and enchanting nooks and crannies, before reaching its windy summit.
Ioar (1,414 metres) Average This mountain in the Sierra de Codés gives superb panoramic views over Tierra Estella as well as distant views of La Rioja and Alava.

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At the present time there are 191 mountain sports’ clubs in Navarre, but they are not open to tourists.You can find the list of clubs on the web page for the sports section of the Government of Navarre.