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 Navarre has well-equipped rock walls located mainly in the central zone, where the milder climate enables this type of sporting activity to be pursued practically all year round. In this area there are many geological fault lines, since it forms the transition between the high peaks of the north and the riverside plains to the south.


Rock-climbing can take place on different types of stone and the level of difficulty of the routes, which will typically vary between levels 5 and 8 , depend on the rock’s characteristics. The most common form in this zone is climbing on limestone , although there are exceptions, such as the ‘Kopa’ school in Lesaka, which is on granite. The majority of the routes enjoy good access and are relatively close to roads.

The best-known schools are Carrascal, Etxauri and San Fausto (Estella); less well known but equally attractive are those at Uharte-Arakil, Dos Hermanas (Irurtzun), Kopa (Lesaka) and Codés.

Basic characteristics:

School Height of climb Number of climbs Levels Type of rock How to get there
Carrascal 25 metres, although higher ones in certain areas reach up to 80 metres 138 routes in 14 areas Between 4 and 7a Limestone From Pamplona on the N 121, take the turn-off towards the quarry at Alaitz.
Etxauri Height between 20 and 110 metres 476 routes in 38 areas Between 4 and 8b Limestone with a variety of overhangs according to the area 17 kilometres from Pamplona, in the direction of Ororbia-Etxauri.
San Fausto The majority between 20 and 30 metres 87 routes in 8 areas From 4c to 7a Limestone with traces of orange-coloured rock; good grip Leaving Estella on the NA-7189 to Eraul.
Kopa Between 10 and 60 metres 30 routes in 4 areas From 4b to 7a Granite In Lesaka turn off on the road that leads to the reservoir of San Antón and Oiartzun, taking the path that leads from the car park picnic area by the reservoir, next to the restaurant.

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