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Tradition fuses with avant-garde

Navarre has a huge variety and richness of produce - much of which is indigenous to the region - which has facilitated the development of an accomplished traditional cuisine passed down from generation to generation. But this interest in getting the best from the region’s abundant raw ingredients has also led to an updating of many of the traditional recipes, which has brought the whole region to the attention of the gourmets.

Prestigious chefs are responsible for fusing respect for the Navarran culinary identity with the search for new and innovative methods which offer a feast for the eyes and the palate in their restaurants, using the most creative cooking methods.

It’s a fresh and healthy gastronomy, based on tradition but with a good dose of the avant-garde and innovation, and has resulted in three Navarran chefs being awarded the coveted Michelin star, awarded by the French guide to the best restaurants in the world. The distinguished chefs are Koldo Rodero of the Rodero restaurant in Pamplona, Pilar Idoate of Europa (also located in the Navarran capital), and David Yárnoz of Restaurante El Molino de Urdániz.


Rodero, quality and tradition
A family business going back more than 40 years, Rodero has achieved great renown for its creative cuisine based on high-quality traditional produce. The outstanding exponent of its cuisine is Koldo Rodero, who carries the essence of good cooking in his genes. He could be described as a self-taught chef who learned the basics from his father, himself an innovative chef in his time. He learned fast and soon found himself having to take charge of the restaurant’s kitchen, which he revolutionised with the creation of new flavours and imaginative avant-garde dishes of the type served to us today. All this against the backdrop of the exquisite front-of-house service provided to the diner by his daughters Goretti and Verónica.

Europa, seasonal cooking
Situated in the heart of Pamplona, next to Calle Estafeta and the Plaza del Castillo, the emblematic Europa restaurant offers a contemporary menu inspired by traditional recipes and seasonal produce.  Led by chef Pilar Idoate alongside Arkaitz Muguruza, its dishes are based on the optimal raw ingredients of each season. Winter brings dishes prepared with artichokes from Tudela, borage, escarole and mushrooms, and in spring the delicate asparagus or the delicious fresh white beans from Sangüesa.

El Molino de Urdániz, style and prestige
Travel fifteen kilometres outside of Pamplona heading towards Roncesvalles and you’ll find el Molino de Urdaniz, a refurbished rustic house which still retains the feel of an old mill. Despite its short existence the restaurant has earned great renown for its innovative and daring dishes created by young chef David Yárnoz, known in the kitchens of the most prestigious restaurateurs where he himself learned. He now flies solo and offers a modern, revealing and very personal cuisine, in which he pays great attention to the quality of the raw ingredients, the creativity and the style of the dishes, with one of the best tasting menus centred around current market produce.

This fascination for haute cuisine is supported by the Reyno Restaurant Association, comprising 10 prestigious Navarran chefs who opt for local products, extolling the virtue of their textures and respecting their seasonality, without neglecting aesthetics and good presentation, thus offering the diner a unique culinary experience.

In addition to the 3 Michelin-starred establishments mentioned, among the association's members are: el Alhambra, el Enekorri and La cocina de Alex Múgica (Pamplona), el Túbal (Tafalla), el Beti Jai (Aoiz), el Treinta y Tres (Tudela) and el Castillo de Gorraiz (Gorraiz).