Burg in Marcilla



Burg in Marcilla
Burg in Marcilla
Burg in Marcilla
Burg in Marcilla


A noble Gothic fortress made of brick standing on a stone
embankment, it was built by Mosén Pierres de Peralta around
1420, towards the end of the reign of Carlos III 'the Noble'. The
moat highlights its fortress nature, although it lost part of its
warlike character and became a residential castle-palace after
1513 when Ferdinand the Catholic constituted the marquisate of
Falces and the castle became its seat.

The building, declared a Cultural Interest Site, has a square
loor layout with ashlar stone foundations in the terreplein and brick in the rest. At the four corners there are strong prismatic towers that are complemented by other (smaller) towers, including a keep on the main façade.

The highlights inside are a chapel with conserved paintings (16th century) and the parade ground, around which a number of rooms are distributed. A well-known episode occurred in 1516, when the marquess, Ana de Velasco, bravely stood up to Colonel Villalba and prevented him from carrying out the demolition order issued by Cardinal Cisneos.

Wussten Sie schon...?

Según varios testimonios históricos, en este castillo se guardó durante mucho tiempo la espada Tizona del Cid Campeador.



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Betreiberfirma: Departamento de Cultura del Ayuntamiento 948 713 545.

Öffnungszeiten - Verano:

  • Horario habitual: sábados, domingos y festivos, a las 12:00. Posibilidad de otros horarios para grupos, concertando con antelación.
  • Puente de agosto (festivo): sin cambios, excepto día 15, a las 12:00.
  • Visitas teatralizadas: Julio: Días 12, 13 y 26 a las 21:30, 22:00 y 22:30. Agosto: Días 2 y 3, a las 22:00 y 22:30.

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