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Booted Eagle (Hieraaetus pennatus)

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Booted Eagle (Hieraaetus pennatus) - Águila calzada
icono pie de fotoÁguila calzada
Águila calzada

Medium-sized bird of prey that visits us in spring and summer to breed. It has two different phases of plumage and is found in fields, woods and mountainous areas.

Zones: All zones.

Empfohlene Beobachtungspunkte: Urbasa, Sangüesa, Lumbier-Arbaiun, Sotos del Arga, Pitillas, Las Cañas, Ultzama-Basaburua, Lindux-Ibañeta,...

Sichtbar in den Saisons: from April to October.

Beobachtung: quite difficult, because its density is not very high. Easier during migration passage.

Charakter: summer visitor and passage migrant.

Beschreibung: small eagle whose silhouette resembles the Common Buzzard, but whose wings are more quadrangular. Two stages of plumage: light, with black primaries and secondaries and rest of underparts white, and dark, with a general, chocolate-brown tone. The upperparts are brown on both.

Ähnliche Spezies: Common Buzzard, Bonelli's Eagle.

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