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Camino Natural Vía verde del ferrocarril Vasco Navarro



Camino Natural Vía verde del ferrocarril Vasco Navarro
Camino Natural Vía verde del ferrocarril Vasco Navarro
Camino Natural Vía verde del ferrocarril Vasco Navarro
Camino Natural Vía verde del ferrocarril Vasco Navarro
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Aunque los túneles están en su mayoría iluminados, se recomienda llevar luces o frontales.

The Basque-Navarra Railway Greenway Trail recreates the route of the "little train" which, from 1927 to 1967, connected Estella-Lizarra with Bergara, passing through Vitoria-Gasteiz.

The Greenway is divided into 2 sections:
  • From Estella-Lizarra to Vitoria-Gasteiz, 76.1km:
The Navarra section is the simplest, covering a distance of 27 kilometres. It starts at the Estella-Lizarra bus station, which was the former railway station, and then passes through the municipalities situated along the banks of the river Ega, with Zuñiga being the last village in Navarra.

The route gets slightly more complicated as it goes into the mountains of Alava. This first section is conditioned by the tunnel of Laminoria (2,195 m) which is currently closed and impassable. To overcome this problem, the route is diverted, going up the Guereñu mountain pass, with steep slopes and a descent that needs to be taken with care. The section ends at the lowlands of Alava.
  • From Vitoria-Gasteiz to Bergara (Oñati bypass), 47.4 km:
In just 12 kms, we come to Landa, a village close to the Ullibarri Gamboa reservoir. From here, and in order to reach the lands of Guipuzkoa, the mountain pass of Arlaban needs to be crossed. As this is by road, great care should be taken in this section. At about 5 km from Arrasate-Mondragón, a 7 km branch can be taken leading to Oñati.

In general, the route has a medium level of difficulty and is suitable for walking or biking, while allowing you to enjoy a rich railway and cultural heritage, and to rediscover our most recent past.

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Los 123,5km de la vía verde del Ferrocarril Vasco Navarro la convierten en una de las más largas del estado y recientemente se le ha concedido la certificación de "Sendero Startlight 2019".

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  • Servicio de bus entre Estella-Lizarra y Vitoria-Gasteiz con la compañía Hermanos Arriaga (945 282 787 / 945 285 000). Consulta horarios.

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