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Carrusel de imágenes presentando Navarra

Routes in Navarre

Navarre is worth a long stay. It is a tranquil place that offers the visitor an interesting cultural heritage and a wide variety of landscapes. It is a land of deep-rooted traditions and unique fiestas that reflect the friendly, extroverted character of its people. It is a place to enjoy exquisite cuisine, one that makes the most of the products of the ancient Kingdom.

Discover the rich diversity of this region through the 10 routes that we propose.

Film route through Navarre
2015 If you are a film buff, we invite you to discover the locations where 23 films have been shot in Navarre. Lights, camera, action!
Route of the landscapes of Navarre. Water and Viewpoints.
2015 Would you like to discover our most photogenic sites or follow scenic paths related to rivers and lakes?


Romanesque route through Navarra
2015 If the Middle Ages and their Art fascinate you, we invite you to discover the best artistic examples in Navarre.
Witchcraft route
2015 Learn about the mysteries and legends that were so severely punished by the Inquisition.


Following Hemingway’s footsteps
2015 Discover the festivities and landscapes that captivated the Nobel prize winner.
Route of the Castles and Fortresses of Navarre
2015 Discover the history of forts that have resisted the passage of time...


Navarre Wine Route
2015 Pleasure for your senses...
Carlism Route
2015 Learning about the past and enjoying oneself in the process is very possible.


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