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Carrusel de imágenes presentando Navarra

Good food

The geographical diversity of Navarre is also reflected in its gastronomy; dairy products and game dishes in the Pyrenees make way for lamb and wines in the central area and end up with the wonderfully abundant vegetable gardens of the southern plains along the Ebro valley. Although all of these products are present all over the region, each area also offers its own specialities.

Some eating establishments have gained international prestige thanks to a balance between tradition and modernity, and also to the superb quality of their basic ingredients, which boast many D.O. classifications.

We should not forget the 'mini haute cuisine' represented by ‘pinchos’ (tapas); it is a popular tradition that has been in evidence for some years in the form of novel, imaginative and exclusive creations, the widest and most varied choice of which can be found in the capital, Pamplona.

Jornadas gastronómicas y de la sal en Salinas de Oro
31 de julio de 2016 En un día festivo descubrirás y saborearás las propiedades de la flor de sal de manantial entre otras actividades lúdicas.
XIV Feria de Denominaciones y Calidad
30 y 31 de julio de 2016 Gastronomía y calidad van de la mano en esta fiesta que se celebra en Mendavia


Día del Ajo
28 May 2011 Tan humilde como imprescindible, Falces le rinde un festivo homenaje a su producto más afamado.
Tour de pinchos
2016 Pinchos y vino forman parte de nuestra cultura y no debes dejar pasar la oportunidad de probarlos.


Glass of wine and tapa for 2 euros
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