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Carrusel de imágenes presentando Navarra

The Navarrese Pyrenees

Hunting and fishing

The Pyrenees are a paradise for hunting and fishing enthusiasts.

In the north of Navarre, ancient forms of hunting continue, such as pigeon hunting, which even today is carried out in Etxalar and which goes back to the 15th century. From high towers set in natural surroundings, the lookouts throw decoys resembling birds of prey to make the pigeons come down and so trap them in their nets. During the months of October and November there are guided tours to explain this curious method of hunting.

In the autumn season, it is mainly pigeon, thrush and woodcock that are hunted and, from September to February, wild boar, stag, deer and buck.

With regard to fishing, as well as the trout rivers of the Pyrenees, the enthusiast can also find streams such as the Bidasoa for salmon fishing. The latter is heavily restricted, since the season is closed after 50 fish have been caught, in order to preserve the species.

The opportunities for hunting and fishing in the Pyrenees of Navarre are plentiful and it is advisable to contact the federations, who can advise on their location, as well as on the number and size of catches allowed.

Useful information

The hunting enthusiast can find information at: Hunting. (in spanish)

Further information on the standards for allowable species, rivers and dates at: Fishing. (in spanish)

Etxalar Guided Tours: or call in advance +34 690 26 77 56. Further information at:


For hunting, the relevant state licence is required, insurance is mandatory for the hunter, as is a licence for the possession of arms in the case of hunting.
The order governing hunting for the 2013 to 2014 season and fishing for the 2014 season can be found at the following links.

Hunting: Orden Foral 224/2013
Fishing: Orden Foral 19/2014 


Hunting and fishing in Navarre is regulated by the following general legislation:

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