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It is without doubt the outstanding rural sport in the region. Navarre has had, and continues to produce, renowned pelota players, amongst whom one should mention, among others. (hand players) Retegui, Arretxe, Galarza, Bengoetxea, los hermanos Olaizola, Eugi, Martínez de Irujo o Abel Barriola, the palista (racket player) Óscar Insausti, and the remontistas (wicker basket players) Jesús Ábrego, Raúl, the Lecumberri brothers, Kike Elizalde, Koteto Ezkurra or Iñaki Lizaso.

This tradition is so deep-rooted that there are few towns that do not have a frontón (court) on their streets, some of them even located in buildings of traditional architecture as is the case of the “Trinquete” in Elizondo. In general, it is possible to play in any of them if you reserve in advance.

The most famous courts are the Labrit in Pamplona and the Euskal Jai Berri - Reyno de Navarra, situated in the town of Huarte, close to the capital. Competitions of different categories and styles take place there: in the former the game is played with the hand, racket and basket, while in the latter mainly remonte (basket variant) is played, a technique with more than 100 years of history that originated in Pamplona. Each category is different and requires different materials and types of courts, although there is always a common element (the ball) that is still made according to traditional methods.

Among the most popular unofficial championships, we would highlight the one held from August to October in the Leku-Ona fronton in Mezkiritz, known as bost kirol ('five sports' in Basque: the five modalities of paleta goma, paleta cuero, pala corta, xare and mano) or the guante laxoa, played between April and August in the Baztan and Bidasoa valleys.

As in other rural sports, so in pelota there is the betting phenomenon. This old tradition, through which land, herds and houses have been lost, has become one of the most singular aspects of the spectacle, reaching its climax in the final of the hand pelota modality.

To attend one of the major courts as a spectator, an entrance fee is payable. This varies according to the championship and the category of the games and ranges between 10 and 50 Euros, although in the grand finals it can even be three times higher.

Useful information

Contact Organisations

Navarre Pelota Federation:
Frontón Labrit: Juan Labrit (no number), Pamplona
Tel.: +34 948 22 60 75 / Fax: +34 948 21 36 73
In this court, games for amateurs take place on Fridays and Saturdays and for professionals on weekends.

Frontón Euskal Jai Berri
Carretera Aoiz nº 6 31620 Huarte
Tfn: +34 620 24 18 51
It mainly hosts Remonte games.

Companies that carry out this activity

Mondo Pilota
Tfn: 948 14 30 22

Professional managing companies

Hand Pelota

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