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Carrusel de imágenes presentando Navarra


Navarra is natural

Navarre is a real paradise for lovers of Nature and ecotourism. Practically 50% of its territory has some kind of Nature classification, making it a benchmark in terms of the conservation of Nature.

In each area of Navarre there are specialist companies that organise guided visits and sporting activities so that visitors can enjoy, for example, the superb landscapes of the Pyrenees or the Bardenas Reales, deep gorges, dense oak forests or breathtaking caves.

The bird observatories near lakes or points of passage, and the region?s network of Nature Interpretation Centres can round off your visit to a region where the desire to conserve Nature is witnessed by the extensive use of renewable energies, the activities carried out by ecological product companies, and in the festivities and traditions that use Nature as a means of expression.


Bardenas Reales ON
Cuando quieras Descubre los rincones más espectaculares de las Bardenas Reales de la mano de Africa Baeta.
Semana Santa en Tierras de Iranzu
Del 17 al 21 de abril de 2014 Ecoexperiencias para disfrutar de la gastronomía, las propuestas activas y los espacios naturales de esta zona.


Améscoa, un valle por descubrir
Primavera 2014 El Valle de Améscoa presenta esta primavera propuestas naturales y exquisitas.

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