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Route of the Castles and Fortresses of Navarre

Artistic, Historical, Thematic

Once upon a time there was an ancient Reyno (kingdom) called Navarre where farmers and stockbreeders lived in small hamlets. However, its border location meant that successive mediaeval monarchs dedicated themselves to building fortress-villages, walls, watchtowers and castles. From north to south and from east to west Navarre deployed its defences through moats, machicolations, loopholes, sentry boxes and drawbridges.

Despite having over one hundred defensive bastions, Navarre gradually lost its palette of castles and fortresses in a series of wars. First, against the Muslims, then a civil war between the Beamonteses and Agramonteses, and finally, the conquest and incorporation of Navarre into the Crown of Castile in the 16th century.

The Route of Castles and Fortresses of Navarre suggests 4 itineraries, passing through 19 strategic places. From north to south, the visitor will discover different types, eras and styles in a new tourism/cultural route to help you discover our history.

In the Pyrenees: Itinerary I .- Castle of Amaiur/Maya : the last point of resistance to Castile. According to the legend, 200 besieged Navarrese resisted for 10 days against 30,000 soldiers. Excavations have been made that have revealed the design of the mediaeval fortress a ... [+ info]

OBSERVATIONS: busca los tesoros guardados en los castillos de la ruta.

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