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  • The Baztan Valley

    The Baztan Valley

    Vídeo Valle de Baztan

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The Baztan Valley


Locality: ELIZONDO

Zone: The Pyrenees

Website: Ayuntamiento de Baztan

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Agrupación turística Baztan-Bidasoa

Valle de Baztan


Guided visit

Ensconced in the Atlantic Pyrenees, the Baztan Valley stretches across northern Navarre between the mountain passes of Belate and Otsondo. It is the largest municipality in Navarre, covering an area of 364 square kilometres and encompassing fifteen towns: Oronoz-Mugaire, Arraioz, Irurita, Almandoz, Berroeta, Aniz, Ziga, Lekaroz, Gartzain, Elbetea, Arizkun, Azpilikueta, Erratzu, Amaiur and Elizondo, the main town in the valley.

It is a valley characterised for being a land of minor nobles and indianos, people who returned from the Americas with a great fortune which they invested in the valley. The result: several noble houses and farmhouses of pinkish stone with large balconies; monasteries and mediaeval bridges over rushing rivers; haystacks spread over meadow and hills; leafy woods; megalithic monuments and caves… and pilgrims, witches and smugglers also left their mark. You can now follow their footsteps along a number of routes: the Pilgrims' Way through the Baztan valley, the route of the witches and the smugglers' path that links the nearby caves at Urdax, Zugarramurdi and Sare.

In the Baztan valley there are many things to be enjoyed. Starting with simple paths, because in this In these lands, the crests of the Navarrese Pyrenees lean down towards the sea gradually becoming gentler; museums for all tastes, mills still in operation, excellent food and traditions that have been conserved through the centuries. Furthermore, many of its farmhouses have been turned into cosy rural accommodation where you can enjoy the customs and welcoming character of the people of Baztan, forged by the temperate climate of the area.

The Baztan valley offers an outline drawn by the 1000-metre peaks that frame farmhouses and huts are dotted across the slopes where livestock grazes at leisure. The best view of the region is from the Baztan lookout in the municipality of Ziga . Or from the Otsondo pass, at an altitude of 600 metres, you can enjoy a panoramic view towards the coast. Taking a small road on the righ ... [+ info]

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The Baztan Viewpoint, located on the NA-2540 road two kilometres from Ziga, is one of the 35 resources selected in the Route of Landscape of Navarre. Water and viewpoints.



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