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Irrisarri Land

Actividades deportivas y culturales
Mascota Irrisarri Land is a spectacular natural leisure complex in Igantzi, a little village set in the Navarran Pyrenees close to France and Gipuzkoa. Surrounded by beautiful forests and idyllic meadows where the native horses, Pyrenean cattle and latxa sheep graze, Irrisarri Land offers a host of activities for children and adults alike. There is also a range of eating and accommodation options available to suit every budget.
The accommodation at the park comprises: 
. A rural 3* hotel housed in a 17th century mansion, the Palace of Yrrisarri.
. 12 cosy designer Finnish-style bungalows with their own kitchen, fully integrated into the natural surroundings.
. A modern hostel, the Non Stop Inn, for our younger guests.

When it comes to eateries, the complex has a restaurant serving traditional specialities in the hotel affording beautiful views over the surrounding landscape and a café serving sandwiches, tapas, snacks and daily set-price menus.
Irrisarri Land offers a huge range of active and adventure tourism activities:

* JOLASTOKIA is the indoor games and activities area for children and adults and comprises:
. Aerial circuit for children (30 cm from the ground)
. Aerial circuit at 3 m high
. Bouncy castle
. An outdoor climbing frame of wood and ropes for kids to climb
. Archery range
. Arts and crafts area
. Table games (table football, ping-pong, etc.)
. A kiddies 'racetrack' for bikes and trikes
. Baby buggies and toys also available

. Giant zip line measuring 840m which is one of the longest in Spain and suitable for both adults and children, provided they weigh more than 40 kg.
. Canopy is a set of 7 linked zip-lines covering a total descent of 2.5 km.

* PENDULUM SWING for swinging out into the void, with a diameter of 70 m.

* BIKE PARK: A mountain-biking park with various downhill runs whose levels of difficulty are identified by colours (green, blue, red and black), plus a Dirt Jump circuit and a bicycle park where you can rent, clean, repair and park your bikes.

* TIBETAN ROPE BRIDGE of 135 metres.

* EXCURSIONS of different levels: educational, adventure, etc.

* HELICOPTER FLIGHTS over the surrounding area.
* HORSE-RIDING: beginners' lessons and pony rides.

* ADVENTURE WALK, for visitors aged 7 and over, lets you discover the beautiful scenery of the park while taking part in adventure games along the way. The walk starts at the park's car park and ends at the Tibetan rope bridge.
There are also two educational areas:
* A small INTERPRETATION CENTRE for learning about the area in which the park is located.
* LA CARBONERA, 'Ikaztegia: The Coal Museum', an area dedicated to producing coal from coal pits or txondorras which is also used to host theatrical performances, concerts, art exhibitions, etc.

* BIKE PARK: parque para bicicletas de montaña con distintos niveles de descensos identificados con colores verde, azul, rojo y negro. El Dirt Park o circuito de saltos y el parque de bicicletas donde se pueden alquilar, limpiar, reparar y aparcar las bicis.

* PUENTE TIBETANO: de 135 m.

* IRRISARRI EXPRESS: tren que recorre el parque realizando una ruta interpretativa guiada de la mano de un animador, que explica los distintos hitos del parque.

* RUTAS Y PASEOS: adaptados a todas las edades y de temática variada (Interpretativa, de aventura, mitológica o de los sentidos).

* PASEOS A CABALLO, clases de iniciación y ponys.

* CARBONERA, "Ikaztegia. Museo del Carbón", es un centro de interpretación dedicado al carbón obtenido mediante carboneras o txondorras. Además este espacio albergará diferentes actividades como representaciones de teatro, conciertos, instalaciones artísticas, etc.


Opening hours


  • Hasta el 31 de octubre: de lunes a jueves, cerrado. Abierto para grupos con reserva previa.
  • Actividades: viernes, de 14:00 a 19:00. Sábados y domingos, de 10:00 a 19:00. 11 de octubre, de 14:00 a 19:00. 31 de octubre, de 14:00 a 18:00.
  • Jolastoki: viernes, de 14:00 a 22:00. Sábados, de 10:00 a 22:00. Domingo, de 10:00 a 20:00. 11 y 31 de octubre, de 14:00 a 22:00.
  • A partir del 1 de noviembre: de lunes a jueves cerrado. Abierto para grupos con reserva previa.
  • Actividades y jolastoki: viernes, de 14:00 a 18:00. Sábados y domingos, de 10:00 a 18:00.
  • Puente de El Pilar (del 12 al 14 de octubre): horario sin cambios, salvo el día 12, actividades, de 10:00 a 19:00 y Jolastoki, de 10:00 a 22:00.
  • Puente de noviembre (del 1 al 4 de noviembre): horario sin cambios, salvo los días 1 y 2,  de 10:00 a 18:00.
  • Puente de diciembre (del 1 al 9 de diciembre): horario sin cambios, salvo del 3 al 7, de 10:00 a 18:00.


  • Del 21 al 31 de diciembre: actividades y jolastoki, de lunes a domingo, de 10:00 a 18:00.
  • Del 1 de enero al 15 de marzo: cerrado.
  • Navidad (del 23 al 31 de diciembre): horario sin cambios, salvo el día 25, de 12:00 a 18:00 (actividades y bike park, cerrado).


Remarks: Consulta los precios en castellano y en euskera.


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