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Baroque basilica of Our Lady of Romero

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Arcada y Basílica del Romero
icono pie de fotoArcada y Basílica del Romero
Panorámica nocturna del Romero
icono pie de fotoPanorámica nocturna del Romero
Panorámica de Cascante desde la arcada del Romero
icono pie de fotoPanorámica de Cascante desde la arcada del Romero
Panorámica de Cascante con el Moncayo de fondo
icono pie de fotoPanorámica de Cascante con el Moncayo de fondo


Arcada y Basílica del Romero
At the highest point in Cascante stands this baroque basilica built in the 17th century on an ancient mediaeval church that had been destroyed by a fire. This church, together with its baroque gallery of porches , makes up the main distinguishing feature of the town.

The historical and artistic value of the complex is added to be the natural setting of the park where the sanctuary is located. Built as a lookout, it offers excellent views over the valley of the river Queiles and the nearby Moncayo.

Another place worth visiting in the town is the ethnographic museum located in the house next to the basilica.

The basilica of Romero
On 30th May 1684, a chaplain was lighting candles in the old church on the hill to ward off thunderstorms that day. He forgot to put them out and the church was devoured by the flames. In 1693, Cascante inaugurated the present basilica of the Romero, restored almost completely thanks to contributions both financial and in terms of time by the townspeople.

Standing high over Cascante, it continues to be the town's most emblematic building. The interior consists of three naves of three sections, side chapels, transepts, a vestry in two parts and a pentagonal header and a low choir. The original chapel with its original Romanist altarpiece created by Pedro Díaz de Oviedo has been conserved, as has an old mediaeval polychrome carving of Our Lady of Romero, an object of great devotion in Cascante.

Although Our Lady of Romero is only taken out for a procession every 25 years, the entire town goes up to the basilica once a year to pay tribute to its patron. Many townspeople walk up the hill that leads to the basilica in the morning or evening to breathe in the sweet air given off by the pine and rosemary (romero) trees.

The arcade of Romero
In the 16th century a church was built in the town so that devotees would not have to go outside the walls as far as the old church of Santa Maria Alta. Nevertheless, they continued with their pilgrimage to worship the miracle-working Virgin Mary. So, to make access easier and protect the faithful from the biting north wind (cierzo), this curious arcade was built in the middle of the 18th century . Built of brick in the baroque style, it has 37 arches and is 136 metres long.

It is a unique construction in Navarre that adapts perfectly to the hillock on which it stands, a place of surprising beauty and originality created by an unknown architect. Nevertheless, it is linked with Italy, where this kind of design was in vogue at the time. Whatever the case, it is indeed a jewel of popular architecture in La Ribera.


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