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Mendukilo Cave



Estalactitas en Mendukilo
icono pie de fotoEstalactitas en Mendukilo
Cueva de Mendukilo
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  • Consulta todas las actividades programadas en la cueva para todo el año.
  • Recuerda que el día 18 de marzo se celebra el Día de las cuevas, una oportunidad inmejorable para visitar estos recursos tan cercanos como desconocidos.

Estalactitas en Mendukilo
Some scientists say that the subsoil contains the 'sixth continent', an unknown and mysterious land. In Navarre, some of the caves have been specially fitted out to offer visitors the opportunity to penetrate these unfathomable worlds.

In the Larraun valley, in the municipality of Astitz, a few minutes from Lekunberri, you will find the cave of Mendukilo, which reveals the depths of the Aralar mountain range. Its secrets, reserved for speleologists for years, are now open to the general public thanks to the work done to make it accessible.

The route guides the visitor across a floating walkway takes you to the hidden heart of Aralar. Used for centuries as a stable, nowadays three of the galleries of the cave of Mendukilo have been refurbished to receive tourist visits thanks to dynamic lighting and a multimedia system.
Through the use of climbing techniques, the 'espeleoaventura' programme, allows you to discover the Sala del Guerrero (warrior's chamber), the biggest and the most mysterious, although this adventure is only reserved to fearless visitors!

The tourist route consists of a visit of just under one hour in groups of 50 people (maximum), always accompanied by expert guides. The itinerary inside the cave starts at Artzainzulo (the shepherds' refuge), a vast hall penetrated by natural light where you can admire some modest geological formations. You then move on to Laminosin (the lake cavern) with an incredible number of geological formations. Finally, you come to the "dragon's den", characterised by its colossal size which reaches 60 metres long and 20 metres high at some points. During the tour, the lights are turned off and everyone remains silence...apart from a gentle murmur from the bowels of the earth itself. Come and let yourself be guided along this 50 minute tour which will reveal the tranquillity and beauty of this underground kingdom, and be sure not to leave Navarre without feeling the silence seeping into your skin!

The cave adventure programme involves 3-hour visits using sports techniques. Only suitable for people who are very fit, it consists of groups of 10 people. The route enters the Sala del Guerrero, also known as the 'cathedral' due to its size. At a depth of 70 metres, this gallery lies below the 'easy' tourist route. It has no infrastructure or artifical lighting, but it allows the visitor to discover the natural innards of the Aralar mountain range.

To complement the tour, an information booth has been built near the entrance to the cave where a 15-minute documentary is shown on the features of the underground world. There is also an exhibition area that has been themed as if it were actually underground.

An innovative learning area has been prepared for children which aims to show them the geological features of the sixth continent in a hands-on way, including educational material and questionnaires in the form of logbooks which will make the 'apprentices' experts on the subject.

There is also an attractive botanical route of 1.5 km which will take you through a very diverse ecosystem of beech trees, pedunculated oaks, maples, elms and ash trees where, amongst other curiosities, you will find the remains of an ancient coalmine. Come and enjoy the lush vegetation in this area!

  • Recommended route for visiting the area around the cave of Mendukilo.
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    • Hasta el 31 de marzo: de martes a viernes, de 10:00 a 14:00 (prioridad escolares y grupos). Sábados y domingos, de 10:00 a 13:30. Lunes, cerrado.
    • A partir de 1 de abril: de martes a viernes, de 10:00 a 14:00 (prioridad escolares y grupos). Sábados y domingos de 10:00 a 14:00 y de 16:00 a 18:00. Lunes, cerrado.
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    Precio entrada: 8,00 €

    Remarks: Niñ@s (4-10 años), jubilad@s (>65) y grupos (+20 pax): 6€
    Familia numerosa: 25€

    Guided visit

    Description: la visita dura 1h y 30 minutos e incluye un audiovisual y la visita a la cueva en la que se recorren tres salas acondicionadas, en un itinerario de 540m por pasarelas flotantes, descendiendo 40m al subsuelo.

    Price of the visit:

    • Adultos: 8€ .
    • Niños entre 4 y 10 años y jubilados (>65), 6€.
    • Grupos de más de 20 personas y parados/as: 6€.
    • Familia numerosa: 25€.
    • Colegios, asociaciones, consultar.

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