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Activities for autumn in Navarra 2018



Autumn in Navarra is packed with great things to do! Check out our "WOODLANDS AND VINEYARDS" program to discover all the charm and natural beauty of this season, featuring activities for all tastes and ages, based on these two natural spaces. Take a look at all the options available and let us know which one most appeals to you ...

  • WALKS AND TRAILS: there are also many different activities for those of you who'd like to get closer to nature and discover the autumn trails:
  • AGENDA OF TOURISM EVENTS: Apart from all these suggestions, there are also a number of festivals and events being held this season, all of which can be found in the agenda. Don't forget to check it out!

* For further information, contact us on +34 848 420 420 or
* Book in advance by phoning the companies directly.

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Activities during the months of September, October and November.
How to finish the day

How to finish the day

Make the most of all these autumn activities to sample the Navarra cuisine.


Advance booking is essential.