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Local and Organic Old Tomato Fair

Fairs and Markets / Agrifood


Tomates ecológicos
icono pie de fotoTomates ecológicos
Tomates ecológicos
icono pie de fotoTomates ecológicos


Tomates ecológicos "Tomatoes aren't what they used to be…" False!

In this Fair you will get the chance to discover a wide range of old tomato varieties with fascinating and fun names, "Feo de Tudela", "Corazón de Fitero" or "Negro Crimea" are just some of the varieties shown.

Yet these tomatoes taste like real tomatoes, and are not the product of genetic selection or modern cultivation techniques, which is why their flavour, colour and properties are exactly like tomatoes used to be.


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Practical information

  • Locality PAMPLONA ( 31000 )
  • Zone The Pamplona Basin
  • Address Plaza San Nicolás
  • Type Agrifood
  • Date
    • 06/09/2018 - 08/09/2018
      2019 pending confirmation.