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Cuajada Day

Fiestas, traditions and events of interest / Gastronomic event, Thematic day


Cuajada en el kaiku
Artesano de kaikus (Ultzama)
Degustación popular Día de la Cuajada (Ultzama)
Demostración esquileo de ovejas (Ultzama)
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Cuajada en el kaiku The Ultzama Valley pays homage to its ambassador: the cuajada, or  mamia in Basque, a regional desert made from milk curd. The region's green pastures and the burnt undertones provided by the hot stone pastors use to create cuajada in Ultaza has transformed it into a quintessential dessert with a very special flavour.

Enjoy the the work of yesteryear with goat shearing and milking exhibits, and take advantage of the occasion to learn how to create this unique dessert at the hands of experts and, above all, don't miss out on the traditional tasting.


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