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Transhumance Day - Bringing down the cows

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Caballistas bajando a las vacas por la cañada.
icono pie de fotoCaballistas bajando a las vacas por la cañada.


Caballistas bajando a las vacas por la cañada. Transhumance Day takes place in the heart of Ribera Navarre, with the spectacular Natural Park of the Bardenas Reales as a backdrop.

Arguedas will celebrate this ancient tradition once again, in which around 60 horse riders guide 10 docile cows from the "El Jugatillo" barn - in the vicinity of the Yugo mountain range - along the old pathways and glens used by shepherds, to the most attractive part of the act, when the horses and cows enter the narrow village centre streets until they reach the Plaza General Clemente square.

Despite the bringing down of the cows being the main act of the day, there is always a complementary programme filled with music, dance and gastronomy.


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