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Brotherhood of Asparagus of Navarre Day

Fiestas, traditions and events of interest / Gastronomic event



As is customary in the month of May, yet another year running the Brotherhood of Asparagus of Navarre fills the town of Mendavia with flavour and tradition.

The stars of this show are the craft and agro-food market, with stalls selling asparagus, and the enthronement of new brethren. Other acts are also held, such as popular asparagus tasting, and the dantzaris (dancers) of San Lorenzo from Pamplona.

Make the most of the opportunity to get to know this town in Ribera Alta del Ebro, whilst trying out its very best gastronomy.

Did you know that...?

It has the highest number of products protected by designations of origin and quality in Navarre: 11.


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