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Guante-laxoa championship

Fiestas, traditions and events of interest / Sports event


Partido en el frontón de Oitz
icono pie de fotoPartido en el frontón de Oitz
Partido en el frontón de Oitz Guante-laxoa is the oldest type of pelota that is still played in a number of pelota courts and plazas. It is played with a special glove (guante) against a wall onto which the server strikes the ball. There are 4 players on each side.

The annual Guante-laxoa championship is a sporting event that has been held since 1979 in the four towns of Baztan-Erreka: Doneztebe/Santesteban, Irurita, Oitz, and Arraioz. It offers a unique opportunity to enjoy at first hand an event with a rich historical, cultural, and sporting heritage.

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Practical information

  • Zone The Pyrenees
  • Type Sports event
  • Date
    • 23/06/2018
      2019 pending confirmation.
    • 30/06/2018
      2019 pending confirmation.
    • 07/07/2018
      2019 pending confirmation.
    • 14/07/2018
      2019 pending confirmation.
    • 21/07/2018
      2019 pending confirmation.
    • 28/07/2018
      2019 pending confirmation.
    • 04/08/2018
      2019 pending confirmation.
  • Observaciones fechas
    • CUARTOS DE FINAL: 23 y 30 de Junio y 7 de Julio
    • SEMIFINALES: 14, 21 y 28 de Julio
    • FINAL: 4 de Agosto, en la Plaza de OIZ