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Pilgrim's Way to Santiago



This is a game that starts inside a room. In 60 square meters you have to jump from it using your intelligence and skill to solve a mystery that will be posed to you. You then have to find the way out before the time runs out.  
This kind of game is based on "flow theory", developed by a Hungarian psychologist who argues that when a person is caught up in an activity he or she uses his/her faculties to the most, enjoys the situation and so time flies.
Guaranteed fun!


Opening hours


  • Horario habitual: de lunes a domingo, de 10:00 a 22:00. Ultima sesión a las 20.30. Concertar con antelación.
  • Navidad (del 23 de diciembre al 7 de enero): horarios sin cambios salvo el día 25 de diciembre y los días 1 y 6 de enero, cerrado.



  • Juego de 2 personas, 45€.
  • Juego de 3 personas, 50€.
  • Juego de 4 personas, 55€.
  • Juego de 5 personas, 60€.

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