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Interpretation Centre of Agriculture and Stockbreeding of Navarre

Nature Interpretation Centres / Environmental education centre



The Interpretation Centre of Agriculture and Stockbreeding of Navarre is located in Aranzadi park, a green space within Pamplona that has a long-standing market gardening tradition and strikes the visitor with its peaceful atmosphere while being very close to the busy city centre.
It has been created with the aim of creating awareness on a number of things: the importance of agriculture and stockbreeding in our lives, respect for the environment, and the benefits of a healthy diet. It also serves to showcase and promote typical market garden produce from Navarre.
The complex consists of four areas, two inside the building and another two outside:
An exhibition area, where the production and crop areas of the region are explained. Aspects such as healthy eating, the diversity of our landscape and the evolution of agriculture and stockbreeding in Navarre are covered. An audio-visual shows farmers, stockbreeders and local producers in the course of their work.
A gastronomy/training area, equipped with a dining room, kitchen-workshop and a tasting room in which seminars, workshops tasting sessions and other activities are organised.
An agricultural area, in which the visitor can see the different tasks involved in farming and the crops from the market gardens of Navarre.
A livestock area, with a stable containing sheep, hens, a cockerel and a cow, where an explanation is given about how these animals live and what they eat.


Opening hours

Todo el año: Concertar con antelación en el teléfono 948 246 605

Guided visit

Description: te permitirán conocer a fondo la forma de vida de los agricultores y ganaderos de Navarra, así como conocer de primera mano y de forma práctica cómo se obtienen los productos de calidad de Navarra.

Se accede al área museográfica y a las huertas jardín y experimentales, así como al establo para visitar sus animales.

Price of the visit: adultos: 3€. Menores de 12 años gratis.

Service provider: 948 246 605

Opening hours - Todo el año: concertar con antelación.

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