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San Andrés Mill

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Molino de San Andrés
icono pie de fotoMolino de San Andrés
Molino de San Andrés
icono pie de fotoMolino de San Andrés
Molino de San Andrés
icono pie de fotoMolino de San Andrés
Molino de San Andrés
icono pie de fotoMolino de San Andrés


Molino de San Andrés
The San Andrés Mill is located between Huarte and Villava, at the confluence of the rivers Arga and Ultzama, at the heart of the Arga River Park and next to the shrine of the Trinidad in Arre. Inside, the exhibition Cruce de Caminos (Crossroads) reminds us that, barely 900 metres away, we find the junction of the two branches of the St James' Way —the French route and the Baztan route.

The old mill was built in the sixteenth century by the people of Huarte and Villava to grind wheat, corn and other cereals. In the nineteenth century it housed a hydroelectric plant that supplied Villava with electricity. It has recently been restored as an exhibition space on the different uses of the mill and, together with the Fulling House of Villavacomprises the River Park Information Centre and a recreational venue with a strong educational content.

The building has two floors. The ground floor is used for the reception hall, an exhibition area, a classroom for screenings, a turbine hall (260 m2) and a bar. The first floor houses an exhibition and games area, another part of the turbine hall and the toilets. The site also includes a small café next to the garden, a perfect place of recreation covering about 3,000 m2, with tables and chairs where pedestrians and pilgrims can rest.

The recovery and commissioning of the hydroelectric plant and the reconstruction of an old flour mill show the traditional uses of water energy, allowing visitors to see how water can be transformed into electricity and electricity into movement.


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  • Horario habitual hasta el 27 de octubre: de lunes a viernes, de 17:00 a 20:00. Sábados, de 11:00 a 23:00. Domingos y festivos, de 11:00 a 21:30.
  • Horario habitual a partir del 28 de octubre: consultar.
  • Puente de El Pilar (del 12 al 14 de octubre): horario sin cambios.
  • Puente de noviembre (del 1 al 4 de noviembre): horario sin cambios.
  • Puente de diciembre (del 1 al 9 de diciembre): horario sin cambios.
*Préstamo de bicicletas: sábados, domingos y festivos, de 11:00 a 20:00
*Taller de elaboración de pan: domingos a las 11:30


Remarks: entrada gratuita.

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Price of the visit: gratis.

Opening hours - Otoño: a las 12:00, 13:00, 18:00 y 19:00.


Alquiler y taller de autorreparación de bicis: sábados, domingos y festivos. Más información en las web de referencia.

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Practical information

  • Locality VILLAVA
  • Zone The Pamplona Basin
  • Address Calle San Andrés 6
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  • Tel. 948423242
  • Guided visit Guided visit