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Artesparto Fair

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For decades, many families in Sesma worked with esparto grass. The women sat out in the street or in sheds spinning mile-long strands that they later sold in skeins. Although this work stopped over 80 years ago, esparto grass still grows around Sesma as an ongoing reminder of those skills. To pay tribute to its past, in the last week of April in the first in May Sesma celebrates its traditional Artesparto Fair.

The visitor can discover how esparto is worked and see real works of art made from it. The fair also welcomes all kinds of artisans who sell their products and demonstrate their curious trades. If that is not enough for you, there is a tasting of migas (shepherd's breadcrumbs) that will surely attract you to this festivity, which combines three ideal elements: esparto, handicrafts and migas.


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