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With the arrival of the autumn, hunting game is one of the main attractions of the western Pyrenees in Navarre. Enthusiasts and lovers of good food can enjoy these dishes in the months of October and November.

Villages in the Baztan valley - Malerreka, Cinco Villas, Bertizarana and Xareta - offer exquisite menus with game of the season. Traditional recipes combine with haute cuisine to delight all palates and budgets. This initiative is organised every year by the Tourism Consortium of Bertiz.

Tourist attractions in the area are rounded off by guided visitsto the palomeras of Etxalar, where a hundred-year-old tradition of hunting doves with nets is maintained. All the secrets of the art are explained in the visits, plus the methods and origins of this mode of hunting. The palomeras are located in a pass between Mounts Larun and Peña Plata, between Etxalar and the French village of Sare on the slopes of Mount Iarmendi. They are high towers from where the hidden hunters throw wooden paddles to direct the passing doves towards the nets.

Con la llegada del otoño, la caza se convierte en uno de los principales reclamos del Pirineo Occidental navarro. Aficionados a la práctica de este deporte y amantes de la buena mesa tienen una cita ineludible cada año desde finales de octubre hasta principos de diciembre.

Localidades del valle de Baztan, Malerreka, Cinco Villas, Bertizarana y Xareta ofrecen exquisitos y sugerentes menús elaborados con los productos cinegéticos de la temporada. Recetas tradicionales se combinan con la alta cocina para dar gusto a todos los paladares y bolsillos.

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