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Ambiente en los encuentros con la historia de Artajona
Representación en los encuentros con la historia de Artajona


Ambiente en los encuentros con la historia de Artajona
Festival of Regional Tourist Interest, the mediaeval town of Artajona'sstreets are decorated for this traditional event that evokes the vicissitudes it suffered in the past.

The participation of the local people is essential. They dress up in period costumes, giving life to historically important or legendary figures and recreating a strong mediaeval atmosphere in the process.
Among the events and ceremonies held, we would highlight the moment of the capture of theCerco (walled enclosure) as a result of the confrontation between the agramonteses and beaumonteses, the two noble factions that divided in the ancient kingdom.

A varied programme of activities offers the visitor an "encounter with history" through the processions of warriors and knights, the mediaeval market, an exhibition of falconry, a Great Mediaeval Tournament or a fencing display and workshop, among other things over the weekend.

Did you know that...?

Las campanas de Artajona son las únicas campanas del mundo que se bandean al revés, de dentro hacia fuera.


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  • Locality ARTAJONA
  • Zone The Central Zone
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  • Declaration of Interest Festival of Regional Tourist Interest
  • Date
    • 07/01/2017 - 07/02/2017
      2018 pending confirmation.